Wrapping up 2018

So its Q4 and the final push for businesses to make their year end goals. Did you meet or exceed any of your goals?  I would like to hear about them. My tag line has always been “Your goals are my priority.”  I’ve just found that learning about you is the best way for me to help you succeed. And succeed you will if we team up on your real estate goals.

2018 was another HOT year as the market goes  and though the fever is fading the timing could not be better for change. We are still at a high point for sellers albeit slightly softened and the inventory opportunity for buyers is finally improving.

My favorite time for working with buyers  is actually winter. Reason? Because homes are not usually at their best.  Like bed head and morning breath, what you see is really what you get, not the sunshine version.  Sellers aren’t “out to make a killing” like the spring market, they just want to sell…..now.

Why not tell me your goals? Never any judgement here, just advocacy.  Let’s finish off 2018 strong.

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What’s up for 2017?

Hello fans, the latest news for our wonderful King County is the anticipation of continued growth. Check out this presentation by our Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner.



Employment in information systems leads the increase in local jobs and spin offs from these tech groups are also likely. To me, Seattle seems like a faster market than the Eastside mainly by way of volume. Home owners in Bellevue, Kirkland and Redmond are slow to jump at rising equities pushing demand to frustrating levels for buyers. Will the flood gates open this spring? Perhaps if the infrastructure promises improve our commuting concerns and businesses move outward toward Everett and Tacoma.

Send your questions or send a friend with questions. The news you read may be dated….call me first.

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2017 Wrap Up

2016 was another fast paced year for the Seattle area housing market. We have seen continued price increases for single family homes and additional pressure on rental housing due to our wonderful communities and local job growth.

So what does this mean for you and me?  For those of us with property it’s reasonable to reflect on our past and evaluate whether now is an opportune time to shift our sails and see where the next wind takes us.


Do you have young friends or associates who are comparing rising rents with the potential for earning equity via ownership?  Through my recent educational coursework and association with the Washington State Housing Finance Commission, I’ve assisted buyers in obtaining terrific loans to get them started. It’s nice to see our tax dollars at work.


With my peers, the joy and satisfaction I have felt in helping many downsize to smaller homes has been so rewarding. Retirement?  That is still a dream away for me.  Over the last few years I’ve expanded my relationships with several builders so land sales and new construction are increasing components of my practice.

Are you curious where our Seattle market is heading? It’s easy when you reflect on our historical picture to see what’s ahead. More growth.

It’s a wonderful compliment when you send your friends and family my way. Your referrals are my future and I thank you.

Wishing you a Winter Season of cheer and a New Year of love, health and prosperity.



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Goodbye February!

God bless Seattle!  We have been through an amazingly wet winter with our usual days of true gloom and it looks like we have finally left the dark behind. How we celebrate the splendor of light in this city when everything begins to sparkle again, the mountain tops, the lakes. There are so may reflections of light.


Does the light in your home satisfy you during the winter? Please post your ideas or successes on how you manage your light exposure in our wet but wonderful city.

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Getting your opinion on Modern Architecture.

Abstract Geo How do you like abstract art?  Do you think it influences your architectural preferences?

It was only a few tiny decades ago that I spent my days selling fine art. Representational work was typically easier for the art buyer to understand and invest in.  

In the past 10 years the Seattle metro area has seen a resurgence of the trend in modern architecture. I'm wondering why we turned the corner from our passionate love for the craftsman. 

Now that we are adopting the open floor plan, extensive windows and avante gard finishes like reclaimed wood and metal,will the future ever hold a return to tradition?

Selfishly, my builders would like to know. Picture Seattle 20 years from now and let me know what you think. What's hot and what's not? 

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Windermere Way

Click on this link for our 2012 Eastside Grant recipients.

The Windermere Way

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Foundation News

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